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Custom Desk Risers

from 65.00

The perfect way to set your setup apart from everyone else. These 7cm tall and 5cm wide blocks allow you to elevate your tabletop from the drawers it is resting on to add some height, make more storage space and just to look cool.

We offer either a pre-made option or we will make one custom for you with your favorite figurine, a custom logo, text or whatever else you may come up with. The set comes with 8 blocks, 4 plain ones and 4 with the design.

The desk risers work especially well with the Ikea Alex drawers and tabletop combo but can be used for almost any desk that has a tabletop resting on drawers. Contact us if you have a special request for a different desk that needs adjustments.

Please note that the Venom risers are 8cm tall, instead of 7cm like the others.

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