3d printed desk risers

You want to spice up your setup and bring it to the next level? Then custom desk risers are just the thing for you. They not only elevate the tabletop a bit to make for a better posture, but they also look fantastic! You can customize them with your favourite character, logo, or text and make it truly one of a kind.

Personalized phone dock

As a present of for yourself, a custom phone dock with a name or message on there is always something special.

Charge your phone easily in a docking station which looks modern and is personalized to your wishes.

Made in Switzerland

As soon as your order arrives with us we prepare the computer model with your choices and the send it to our 3D printer. The plastic which we use is made from corn and there fore good for the environment. We even offer a material that is 40% made out of wood and after printing even feels and smells like wood. After the print is finished we also add the for your phone matching charging cable and ship the order with the Swiss post.